Troop brings people together

At Troop, we believe that good drinks can bring good people together. Life is all about creating memories with the people you love, and we believe it can be done anywhere, at any time. Our drinks are the perfect companion for all of your social situations, from barbecues to book clubs to blind dates. Next time you’re going somewhere, grab a few cans. We promise your troop will love them.

But of course, we care about more than just having a good time. We care about our social experiences having positive social impact as well. That’s why Troop gives both monetary and in-kind donations to amplify the impact of organizations who are working to make the world a better place.

Where will your TROOP take you?

Meet the founders

CC and Reed founded Troop in early 2018 with the core mission to bring people together. As new transplants to San Francisco, we were overwhelmed by the access to the outdoors and the adventurous and welcoming social scene.

Though our outdoor activities might vary - whether we're hiking Mount Tam, biking through the Redwoods in Mendocino, or kayaking in Point Reyes - there's one thing that remains a constant: enjoying a drink with friends outdoors.

With your hectic life, you need something simple, something tasty, something you can trust. That's why we created Troop. We’ve partnered with a local distiller and source from fresh, all-natural ingredients to deliver deliciously chuggable cocktails that can be enjoyed any time, any where. 

Spend less time planning and more time doing. We've got you covered.

We can't wait to have you in the TROOP